Photography stimulates the senses

We specialize in photographing Hotels, exlusive Interiors and beautiful Travel destinations – so therefore HIT photography. And that is not without reason.

Our photographer Benno Thoma is a passionate traveler with a preference for authentic cultures, exotic destinations and exclusive interiors. And that is what you see in his photos. Each photo has grasped the unique ‘own’ character of the culture, destination, hotel or interior. In such a way that the viewer feels like a part of the image for a moment.

Photography stimulates the senses

With this goal in mind, you are assured of an optimum presentation of your hotel, travel destination and/or interior to your guest or potential buyer. Wherever your destination,  accommodation or home is. We are happy to travel to you.

“Good photography takes you to a destination, you get absorbed in the image, you let yourself be seduced, you want to be there, in that one place”

Our work


Every place is unique an deserves special attention. For that reason we would like to talk to you about your unique hotel, home, interior or travel destination and how we can best present it. So that your guest or potential buyer will feel as if they were at your place, when looking at the photos.

We photograph all over the world!