Seeing is buying

Buying a home or new interior is very personal. It’s about ‘a feeling’. You see yourself living there or may still have doubts.

Good photography can not only promote the sale of a home or (new) interior, it can also help choose. For example, if you are an interior architect or home stylist, an appealing portfolio set can help your client to choose. Or consider a beautiful coffee table book for your business.

With our photography we strive to optimally present the ‘own’ character of a home and/or the atmosphere of an interior. In such a way that the right (potential) buyer is immediately attracted to what he/she sees. And thinks; “I can see myself living there”.

We work for real estate agents, architects, project developers, interior/garden architects, home stylists and homeowners. We enter into discussions with them about the unique and ‘own’ character of a home or interior in order to realize an optimal presentation for the potential buyer.

We do this by looking at: the color palette, the incidence of light, the interplay of lines, the structure of applied materials and natural (weather) reflections.

Interior and home photography


Every home is unique and deserves special attention. For that reason we would like to talk to you about the unique aspects of your home or interior and how we can best present it. So that your potential buyer wants nothing more than to buy it, when viewing the photos.

TIP! We also provide presentations and portfolio images for interior architects, home stylists and homeowners.