About HIT

A passionate traveler

My preference for distant destinations, authentic cultures and unique interiors determines why I photograph.

My name is Benno Thoma, the photographer behind HIT photography, born in 1956 in the beautiful city of Maastricht (Netherlands). My passion? Capture the ‘natural’ beauty of life with photography in order to stimulate the viewer’s senses and take him/her to that one place. So that everyone can enjoy all the beauty that our world has to offer.

I therefore prefer to travel around the world in search of unique images, compositions and beautiful elements of mother nature. I find it important to show every subject in his/her natural ‘purity’ and environment, so that the beauty of every material, every color, every light comes into its own.

It is therefore enjoyable when this is recognized by gallery owners and clients and I may receive feedback as the following:

“Benno’s photographs show us the beauty in each aspect of the composition. There is a tactile feel to his material, a positive energy that comes from the light that give s nuance to the subtle colors created. Arranged together with the beauty and dignity of the human body his techniques invites us to become one with the scene”.

-Earl Retif, galerie Stone & Press, New Orleans-

We work for, among other things, for the following clients

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Luxury hotels established around the world with over 120 years of history.
Kempinksi website

TUI is one of the best know travel organizations in the Netherlands.
TUI website

Landgoed de Wilmersberg is a beautiful wellness and hotel accommodation in the beautiful region of Twente.
Wilmersberg website

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Zeynep Fadillioglu

ZF design in full Zeynep Fadillioglu is a design agency in Turkey that focuses on architecture, interior and industrial design. They are internationally oriented and strive to achieve beautiful, distinctive and timeless designs.

ZF website

Marti Resort
Built in 1969 as the first resort hotel in Turkey with its rustic and unique architecture, Martı Resort promises an unforgettable holiday experience for its guests.
Marti Resort website

Van der Valk

Van der Valk hotels has a beautiful history, which started in 1862 with the Golden Lion café in Voorschoten has grown into a proud hotel chain with more than 100 hotels and restaurants worldwide. Van der Valk strives to keep innovating in order to make comfort accessible to a wide audience.

Van der Valk website

Our distinctive character


We consciously make exclusive use of natural light for our photography. In order to let the natural and unique character of every place. interior or object to be photographed speak for themselves.

In this way the spectator experiences the actual experience. Which is often lost due to the use of too much flash and extra (artificial) light.


Photography is very personal. We therefore think it is important that we have a good click with you as the client, so that we can work together optimally. And so being able to create something beautiful together.


In addition to photography, we can also provide video production for you. By combining both we realize an optimal atmosphere experience for your accommodation, interior, home or destination for your potential guest or buyer.